Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Cross-Country Skiers, and Paddlers, check out my trail site.

Trailville.com is a website based on the Wiki concept and is intended to document our hiking, mountain biking, cross-country ski, and water trails. Currently the site focuses on trails in the midwest with the primary focus on trails in Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois, however, the site is set up to allow others to include trails from other areas of the US and Canada.


The site includes detailed descriptions of trails, maps, photos, and related links. There are no fees or logins required to browse the trail information or provide comments on the discussion pages, but you will need a login if you want to start contributing your own trail pages. 

I was originally planning on just including some of my local trails on MyOtherStuff.com,  but then decided to try using a wiki with the thought that others may want to also contribute trail information. So rather than further confusing the already random concept behind MyOtherStuff.com, I figured I would just set up a separate site. Oddly enough, I actually ended up creating Trailville.com before I got around to setting up MyOtherStuff.com.